Tutorial 7 - Suite

The Suite class can be used to store compositions together and will probably not be used as much (if you want to write a symphony, knock yourself out though).

>>> from mingus.containers import Suite

Creating Suites

A Suite class takes no arguments to create:

>>> s = Suite()

Setting Attributes

The following functions will set some useful attributes. Note however that the authors and titles won’t be reset on the actual compositions, only on the Suite:

>>> s = Suite()
>>> s.set_author('Author', 'author@email.com')
>>> s.set_title('Title', 'Subtitle')

Adding Compositions

>>> c = Composition()
>>> s = Suite()
>>> s.add_composition(c)

List Notation

>>> c = Composition()
>>> len(c)
>>> c.add_composition(Composition())
>>> c[0] = Composition()

You can learn more about mingus.containers.Suite in the reference section.